Guiding Values


Trusting someone with your sensitive data much less your payables is a big decision. Your values should match the values of your financial reporting partner.

Among the values that guide our efforts are

TRUST in our experience. With over 80 years of accounting, restaurant financial and/or operations experience, we provide a unique set of skills to be a Best Fit for a restaurant company that wants ACTIONABLE ACCURATE COMPETITIVE information served FAST in a way that will be COMPELLING to both you and your key operators.

ACTIONABLE data is most important to optimize your time in making those decisions that serve both EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT results.

ACCURATE information is always a must if you are to react swiftly, we will provide great data and exception reports that serve your needs and hot button focuses.

COMPETITIVE spirit may be the key driver to help average leaders strive for great results or less than average strive for average. Our weekly COMPEL Report will stack-rank your key drivers early enough to share with your team the afternoon of your roll-up.

FAST enough to prevent a bad behavior from repeating itself; that’s our goal! What good is a roll-up of period financials served three to five weeks after period end? Too late to react and hard to get traction with operators who are now dealing with this period’s challenges.

COMPELLING is the basis for all we do. Not just a roll-up and report mechanism, but a partner to identify your hot buttons. Creating an organization that balances EFFECTIVE with EFFICIENT so someday in the future you may have a financing event or exit strategy with the best possible outcome.

COMPEL4 offers its services at a competitive price and includes the fourth arm of our business strategy: Profit Optimization and consulting at no extra charge.